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Apeiron will be the world’s first play-and-earn godgame built with NFTs. Apeiron’s Godiverse is a part of the metaverse, with players acting as Godlings - a newborn god.

Godlings have the ability to call up the elements, such as rain and fire, to help Doods - cute and chubby little universal inhabitants - solve their daily issues and build their own societies. Players can earn NFTs in the form of Planets, Stars and Relics. When players have more than one planet, they may breed new planets in an event called Celestial Conjunction, creating unique Planet NFTs.

Once a player has garnered enough Dood followers, they can upgrade their Planets and summon their planetary avatar, where the game opens up its roleplaying action-adventure experience. Actions in Apeiron can affect a player’s good or evil alignment, affecting the player’s planet and avatar appearance and skills, along with the attitude and behaviour of Denizens towards you.

By playing the game, players will be given opportunities to earn tokens, which can be exchanged on the marketplace for real cryptocurrency.

While many NFT games rely on just two tokens, Apeiron brings three currencies to the table. First, Apeiros, the game’s governance tokens, allow players to stake their claim in the universe. Second, Anima, the play-to-earn tokens, rewards dedicated play with a highly liquid currency. And finally, Ringularity - a novel premium alliance currency - promotes social gameplay and gives players something to work towards in the late game.

Apeiron has a fully diluted valuation of USD 50m and has attracted many partners that believe in the game’s potential. Apeiron’s first Planet NFT pre-sale will be on 28 March, with the game scheduled to launch late 2022.

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